Ron & Julie Flint

Mitercraft, Inc.

Anacortes, WA

No stains are used, so what you see is only the wood's natural beauty.

Ron and Julie Flint enjoy taking advantage of the natural beauty of wood to create functional and affordable pieces of art.

There are about 25 steps to their unique process.  They start by cutting small squares, rectangles and triangles out of their favorite woods, then puzzle them together into interesting combinations of shapes to create the final patterns.

Next, they laminate these pieces together in blocks.  To create some patterns they go through these steps up to 5 times.  Then a meat-cutting blade on a band-saw is used to cut slices.  After sanding them, a furniture quality finish is applied and, finally, the pieces are hand polished.  No stains are used, so what you see is only the wood’s natural beauty.

After many customers commented that they throw a bookmark into a card and give it as a gift, Julie and Ron designed unique blank greeting cards to hold their bookmarks for a truly unique gift giving idea.

Personalizing for any occasion is easy; weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or other important events or ceremonies.

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