Rebecca Duffy Bush

Wilmington, NC

Specializing in the whimsically sophisticated world of bright colors… blue oceans, green grasses, yellow suns, red umbrellas, and pink polka dots...

“Did you ever wonder what happened to that girl from second grade that painstakingly handmade each valentine she passed out?  A few decades later and I’m all grown up, now – mostly… but given enough free time, I think I’d still make my own valentines.” After years of construction paper and crayons, Rebecca Duffy Bush was formally trained at Bucknell University, earning degrees in Studio Art and Anthropology.  Her studies led her to a fascination with culture, folklore, and storytelling which can be seen in each of her pieces.  Practical post college employment brought a career in graphic design that moved her across the country and back, where she finally landed on the coast of North Carolina.  Rebecca loves to travel and continues to gain inspiration from the places she goes and the people she meets.

Rebecca began painting on canvas and has added greeting cards, prints, and metal sculptures to her collection.  Also recently added to the collection is a line of handmade frames, handcrafted by her talented husband, Timothy Bush.  These distressed wood frames are a perfect compliment to the brightly colored, fun-but-sophisticated designs.  From trains and barnyard animals to octopi and mermaids, Rebecca’s art has splashed its way across the east coast and continues to grow in popularity with each show.

With their three young children in tow, Tim and Rebecca continue to display at art shows up and down the east coast.  They recently opened a permanent space – River to Sea Gallery, original art & custom framing – in historic Chandler’s Wharf in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Each day is filled with lots of love, laughter, chaotic silliness and creativity.

Specializing in the whimsically sophisticated world of  bright colors… blue oceans, green grasses, yellow suns,  red umbrellas, and pink polka dots…


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