Mike Molin

Molin Designs

Castleton, ON

When I am designing something for the collection, I view the design as a reduction to its basic elements.

Mark Molin is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) in Industrial Design and studied at the North Carolina State School of Architecture. To complement his industrial jewelry designs, Molin also creates a line of clean, contemporary indoor/outdoor furniture and multimedia canvases.

Unity of a design is defined by the materials. By utilizing the iconic architectural elements of concrete and steel, Molin brings an unexpected elegance to his jewelry.

Balance is achieved through asymmetry. The sleekness of Molin’s necklaces and earrings represent minimalism at its finest. You are the focus; a Molin design simply accentuates your individual style.

Adornment meets architecture. Wearing a piece of Molin’s jewelry speaks volumes of your spirit and sophistication. The cleanliness and precision of the Molin collection elegantly highlights the real you, with balance and refinement.

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