Max Gyllenhaal


Brooklyn, NY

Let the Zortz do the talking.

All Zortz are made from latex rubber and a wood clothespin. They are mounted on a 2.5” round base and stand 7” to 8” tall. Each character is activated by the clothespin to hold your notes, toothbrush, keys, glasses, etc.

Originals were the first line of Zortz I made. I started with the Cyclopz then I made the Triclopz and after that I just couldn’t stop. One character lead to the next and as you can see there are quite a few. The Originals are colorful, cheery and fun to look at as they stare back at you on your desk, holding your precious note.

There used to be this funky “head” shop in my neighborhood in Brooklyn NY. I would go there often just to look at their odd collection of gifts. One of those gifts was a minature Beethoven bust with a skeleton face. One day it dawned on me that maybe I could make a new line of Zortz with a classical bust theme and from that the Classix line was born.

A while back a toy company commissioned me to make a line of gargoyles. They then promptly went out of business before the line could be launched. I was left with Snuzo, Roxo, Bosso and Mojo. Viola, another Zortz line.

The Zortz heads have always demanded a body. I tried many different ideas over the years but they were all just to hard to produce. One day my brother-in-law gave me a spool of this really cool traffic light wire (he works for the MTA). After playing around with it for a while, running it through research and development, I came up with Pozers, a flexible funky full bodied Zortz, that can hold a cell phone in it’s loving arms.

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