Maryanne Schwartz

Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc

Manheim, PA

Our soaps and other products are the culled favorites from many years of concocting herbal delights and skin care luxuries.

Lancaster County Soapworks, Etc. is truly a family business. Its owner, Maryanne Schwartz, has been manufacturing quality soaps and other body care products since 1992. Originally a sideline of a retail shop, soapmaking evolved into a wholesale business in 2000.

Maryanne develops and makes the actual products, as well as designing packaging and advertising materials.

Her husband, Bob, takes care of the “engineering department,” building molds, displays, cutters, and actually transforming the shop itself into a great workspace. He’s also our occasional outside salesman and the credit goes to him for starting us off in wholesale. He sold to our first wholesale customer who is still, after all these years, one of our most consistent buyers.

Maryanne and her sister, Tina, have developed what seems to be a kind of dance for soaping days. They have always worked well together and now cooperate in most of the business activities.

Their children (although both are grown and on their own) help out when they’re home. Maryanne’s son, Harry, is our long-distance webmaster. Tina’s daughter, Molly, is more hands-on, often taking care of the heavy lifting and prep work when she’s around.

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