Lesa Sawyer

Giving Bracelets

Scottsdale, AZ

The Giving Bracelets, designed for Purpose, fueled by Passion, helping children Prosper!

I started Giving Bracelets because I wanted to find a way to continue donating money to my favorite charity.  They have been a true labor of love.

When I heard about CASA for Children, I was so moved by what CASA was doing, what CASA was all about; hearing the stories about so many neglected, abandoned and abused children, in need of a mentor, in need of a friend, in need of love.  At that moment, I knew I had to do something.

Several years ago I had started a handbag company.  We grew to over 250 stores and over the years we had accumulated lots of excess leather from the production of our handbags.  I started making these bracelets out of the leather scraps.  I wanted these bracelets to represent a greater purpose.  To give hope to children in need.  Each bracelet provides support, provides a mentor.  The reality is when I started the Giving Bracelets, I didn’t have much time or money.  What I did have was passion….a passion for helping others.  I’m hoping that more people will do the same by becoming mentors, or donating money, or by wearing our bracelets.  Learn more about CASA

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