Jenny Woods

High Strung Studios

Scotch Plains, NJ

The realization that guitar strings could be "upcycled" into jewelry ignited a spark.

My creative world was turned upside down the day I discovered that my old guitar strings were a perfect medium for jewelry design. I couldn’t believe what a rich treasure trove of possibility had literally been right at my fingertips! The realization that used strings could be “upcycled” into jewelry ignited a spark. In a perfect melding of my love of music, passion for creating and concern for the planet… High Strung Studios was born.

Strings that I know have been played with such heart before being thoughtfully saved and donated inspires me deeply. It is my hope that my designs match the richness of the music that was played on these strings. Guitar strings–as well as those made for many other instruments–are layered with several types of metal wrapped in a specific way to enhance sound and vibration. Strings made up of multiple metals cannot be recycled. Each time a musician changes their strings (and for some that can be quite often), that metal usually ends up in the garbage. However, when a musician thoughtfully saves and donates their strings to be recycled into beautiful guitar string jewelry, those strings are saved from ending up in a landfill–recycling at its finest!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of High Strung Guitar String Jewelry is donated to Musicians on a Mission. Musicians on a Mission is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2010. The ‘mission’ is to utilize the power of music to create connection and inspire giving. MOAM’s goal is to raise awareness and funds for local charitable organizations through planned musical events featuring New Jersey performers. For more information on Musicians on a Mission please see

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