Debbie McIntyre

Debbie's Character Dolls

Sparta, TN

I am completely self-taught, I loved creating faces, exploring different clays, Polymer has all the qualities I was looking for in my sculptures.

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Debbie McIntyre’s Character Dolls are one-of-a-kind, unique creations.  Each character is hand sculpted individually from a polymer clay and each of the costumes are hand sewn.  These dolls have faces that look so natural that you will do a double-take when you see them.  If you have a collector in the family, a Debbie McIntyre doll is a great gift to give for any occasion-birthday, Christmas, Hanukah, or just for so.

Artists Statement:

I have been involved in art my whole life.  Sculpture was always my first love, working with different clays, fiber, whatever I could shape.  I am completely self-taught,  I loved creating faces, exploring different clays,  Polymer has all the qualities I was looking for in my sculptures.  The characters begin with a loose concept.  I “sketch” with clay — much the same as a 2d artist sketches with pen and pad.  As the character progresses it may go thru many changes, but I try to let it emerge from the clay.  I will recreate a design, but the components are handmade each time.  I am constantly challenging myself to make the characters ever more expressive.  I began making character dolls in 1995.  I do all the sculpture and sewing.  Throughout many of those years, I was blessed to have family working with me.  My son does all of the woodworking.

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