Dan & Frances Hedblom

Copper Elements

Rochester, MN

With our love of the North Shores of Lake Superior much of our work is inspired from there.

In July of 2010 a gift was shown to us that would change our lives forever. Dan’s parents had discovered a technique of bringing out beautiful colors in copper using a torch. This technique was shared with us to enjoy and carry on.

With our love of the North Shores of Lake Superior much of our work is inspired from there. Pieces like North Shore Lake, Waterfall, Stormy Seas, Windswept Tree, Ocean Wave, and Ocean Swirls. Though many of these pieces start off as a doodle, we always seem to find Lake Superior in them.

The process we use to bring out the beautiful colors in the copper is unique. It is done using the heat from a torch. This added with custom grinding techniques and our multi-curved shapes causes the copper to shimmer. The colors will appear to move and change when placed under lights or in the sun.

All of our copper is sealed. It will not change colors and will not fade from sunlight. It requires no care. Simply use any glass cleaning product and a soft cloth to remove your friend’s fingerprints.

The artwork is designed by both Frances and Dan and takes many months of planning to come up with.  Frances, with no prior experience with a torch, has found she has a true talent in bringing out and blending the colors in the copper.  Dan builds the solid wood frames and does the grinding and buffing process which enhances the colors when displayed in light.

What makes our copper art stand alone is the unique curved frames designed and built by Dan with his 20 years of woodworking and carpentry experience.  By combining both of our talents as a team we are able to design and create our artwork.

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