Bryn Wentz

Boyertown, PA

...inspired by all things wild and free...

My creations are inspired by a love of all things wild and free, on our ten acres of woods and meadows right here in Boyertown, Pa..¬† The cycles of the seasons, combined¬† with the interwoven lines, textures and shapes that stimulate our senses daily offer an endless array of inspiration… if one is willing to look close enough. Coupled with that inspiration I also have a fondness for restoring objects that many would disregard, overlook, or consider too weathered, rusty, broken, undignified,¬† or obsolete to be of any value.¬† ¬†I take immense pleasure and pride in adopting, then breathing new life into these orphaned pieces, elevating them to a place of usefulness, dignity, beauty and respect once again.

The medium in which I chose to accomplish this is called Tig Welding, This style of welding is perhaps the most difficult to master. It demands the use of both hands each performing a completely different function simultaneously to unite two pieces of metal into one.   Much like individual musical notes combining together to create a beautiful symphony.  The culmination  of this joyous journey  are the offerings set before you.  My hope is that they pull you in and captivate your heart and soul, as they do mine.  They silently beam with pride at the opportunity to thrive again,  bringing joy to those who will take the time to look.

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