Angela Colasanti


Uwchland, PA

I embrace finding the exchange between the living and the geometric; the moments that make us all feel ALIVE.

Origins Earrings

Angela received her B.A. in Art from Moravian College and has been designing and fabricating artisan jewelry for over ten years. Her jewelry designs are featured nationally in museum stores, botanical gardens, boutiques, galleries, and fine art shows.

Artist Statement: Balance is defined as a natural state of equilibrium. With intention, I utilize the interplay of form, texture, contrast, shape and asymmetry to attain visual harmony within my pieces. I embrace finding the exchange between the living and the geometric; the moments that make us all feel ALIVE.

All of our designs are sampled directly from everyday life, capturing the detail, beauty, and complexity of our surroundings. Look closely, even our name spells Ă„LIVE.

It started with everyday walks.  Along the trail, my daughter would find small rocks, buds, leaves and flowers.  She would admire them, tuck them into her pockets, and bring them home to add to her collection …treasures to no one but her. After months of collecting, I could see that these seemingly simple found objects each had an important story and meaning to her. And she could re-tell her stories for each and every one.

As I looked more closely, I saw the natural forms and textures of these objects in ways that I had not previously seen… the beautiful edge of a leaf, the tangled asymmetry of seaweed, and the delicacy of petals falling upon one another. It reminded me of my own childhood memories… playing in the autumn leaves, hearing the ocean waves, and the smell of my grandmother’s rosebushes.  I began to understand that our life, our story, can be told through our own personal treasures, collected along the way.  VIELÄ Jewelry was born.

Our design aesthetic is classic and timeless, able to be worn every day, with an elegance and sophistication suitable for special occasions.

VIELÄ Jewelry is designed in Pennsylvania and proudly produced in the United States, using the world’s finest metals and gemstones.

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