Abigail West

Earth Wind and Water

Des Moines, IA

In the course of making jewelry, destiny brought me back to the gemstones I once collected as a child

I strive to bring to light, the beauty that millions of years have brought forth in a stone. I mix these stunning stones with man-made treasures, treasures that have been forgotten and discarded by others. I love creating works of art that can be displayed by their owner no matter where they go. Jewelry is a work of art that is not limited to a wall or a nook in your house. It can go anywhere….and is free to express itself and the possessor in a glance.

Most of my designs are created with gemstones, found objects and comprise mixed techniques. Just a few of these techniques comprise of metal fabrication, resin pouring, enameling, glass-soldering and hand-sewn fabric. My gemstones come in various forms, such as fine beads, unique cabochons, and polished or rough stones. Whether it is a rock on the beach or a finely-cut precious gem, my goal is to turn each gift of nature into something that can be enjoyed and beloved.

By looking at Earth’s natural elements and the lost treasures of man together, in a distinctive manner, I can bestow new life into them. My theme is never premeditated yet revealed when surrounded by all the colors, textures and shapes that the various objects of art and gemstones offer. I find inspiration in everything around me, and often within myself.

I have beaded since I was a little girl. I was so enthralled to make something beautiful from a few beads. When I began making jewelry professionally, the joy I felt as a child came back to rejuvenate my spirit. In the course of making jewelry, destiny brought me back to the gemstones I once collected as a child. I have come a long way in my pursuit to express my self and my love of the old, dusty and forgotten. I love creating and learning new ways to do so. Every lesson learned gives me the capability to express myself clearer and set free all the forgotten relics.

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